There’s a strange imbalance in the world of marketing. Most organizations weigh their marketing efforts in one of two directions: data-focused or creative-focused. It’s either about the numbers or the appeal. For whatever reason, these two key marketing aspects (data and creative) are typically kept at a distance – with one being favored over the […]

There are 845 million monthly active Facebook users. Those users produce 2.7 billion likes and comments per day. It’s no longer a novel idea for organizations to participate in social media. Nowadays, consumers expect every organization – large or small, nonprofit or for-profit – to at least have Facebook and Twitter pages. That means the […]

Behavioral marketing has gotten a bad rap. Consumers seem confused about exactly what it is, how it is used, and how it is advantageous to them. In many minds, behavioral marketing has become synonymous with identity theft. But what gets lost in the privacy debate is the fact behavioral marketing is actually a good thing […]

This is a great question to ask, particularly if you’re a marketing representative or an account manager trying to determine whether your prospects will respond to your organization’s nonprofit fundraising appeal with or without a premium. If they prefer it with the premium, it’s going to cost additional money (bad! very bad!). If they can […]