The evolution of online giving continues. For years we’ve been watching the changes and progression of how people give to nonprofits in the digital age. It’s been fascinating to follow—with each year showing subtle shifts in the ways people donate. The strides over the past few years have been consistent and incremental. Online giving continues […]

Recently, our own VP of Strategy and Development Angie Moore was one of the speakers on the NonProfit PRO webinar, “Power Targeting: Segmentation Strategies That Raise More Money”. In the webinar, Angie and other nonprofit experts discussed ways to amp up fundraising appeals and increase donations through power targeting. In today’s post, we’ll look at […]

Facebook has long been a top social destination for nonprofits looking to share updates with their supporters and increase their reach. With 1.55 billion active users around the world, Facebook offers opportunities for not only connecting with current donors and volunteers—but also encouraging them to get their friends and family members on board. Over the past five years, […]

Loyalty. Long-term relationships. Growth. These are the well-known keys to success for any nonprofit looking to not simply survive but thrive. You have to build a team of people who want to work with you to achieve your mission, who are so committed they will stick with you for decades in order to see it […]

You’ve probably been there: You’re having a conversation with someone and they’re going on and on about a something that happened to them, or a problem they’re having. You’re listening attentively and waiting to share your perspective. But as soon as you do, they quickly shift the conversation back to them. At that point, you check […]