May 24, 2016

14 Visual Social Marketing Stats and Insights

Inform your social media strategy with these recent findings

70% of the U.S. population has a profile on at least one social network (source) 88% of organizations currently use social networks for marketing purposes (source) These are big numbers that go to show how ingrained social media has become in both our lives and in marketing. They’re also just a couple tiny drops in the tidal […]

May 11, 2016

13 New Benchmarks for Nonprofit Digital Marketing in 2016

See how your nonprofit's digital efforts stack up against the latest industry trends

Digital marketing is a juggling act. You’ve got efforts like your website, emails, and social media all up in the air simultaneously. They’re connected to the same hands, moving in the same circle, and yet they’re also functioning independently.

April 27, 2016

4 Questions Raised By The 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Report

Opposing forces are pulling fundraising in different directions

Fundraising is stuck in the middle right now. There are opposing forces pulling it in different directions. The result? Nonprofit organizations are mostly running in place when they should be surging forward. On the positive side, more people are giving and they’re giving more. And nonprofits are using a lot of smart, creative efforts to bring new […]

“With limited resources, how do we best leverage the power of the digital environment to make the world a better place?” That’s the question at the heart of the 2016 Digital Outlook Report from Care2, hjc, and NTEN. This new report examines survey results from 538 nonprofit organizations to uncover the answer.

April 7, 2016

Comparing the Facebook Pages of the Presidential Candidates

Facebook's role in presidential campaigning today is undeniable

With the 2016 presidential election looming, Facebook has become a key hub for campaign communications and fundraising. It’s a place where Americans are getting their news, sharing their political opinions, and connecting with the candidates themselves. This is especially true of younger generations.