A good deal of marketing involves trial and error. Organizations test, see what gets a response and develop best practices from there. The key is to find what works and optimize it for maximum effectiveness and ROI. With new technology and data tracking, pinpointing what’s working (and what’s not) is now easier than ever before. […]

Throughout the business and marketing worlds, data is dominating the conversation. From collecting data and pulling insights to practical applications and privacy concerns, organizations are exploring all facets of data. It’s an exciting time in the evolution of data marketing. As they did with social media five years ago, businesses are just beginning to unlock […]

For nonprofit organizations, there’s a great online marketing opportunity you may not know about. It’s sitting there like a present, wrapped up and waiting to be opened. If you look at the tag, you’ll find this gift comes from one of the Web’s biggest names: Google. What is this mysterious bounty? It’s called Google Grants. […]

The Internet has changed everything for charities, philanthropies and nonprofits. Social media, in particular, has impacted the way donors share, influence and give. Recently, Ashley Halligan over at Software Advice published a blog post with her 2013 nonprofit outlook. There’s a lot of interesting information in Ashley’s post, but one area was of particular interest […]

At eleventy, we provide data-driven marketing services to a variety of organizations—nonprofits, corporations, small businesses, etc. Oftentimes, we create our blog posts based on questions we get from our clients. We think it’s a good indication of what’s on the minds of professionals. In today’s post, we’ll be discussing a topic quite a few clients […]