Without a doubt, 2013 is the year of data. For the past several years, data has been gaining steam as a marketing tool. Today, it’s hard to talk about marketing without some mention of data. The two have become that intertwined. This year may well be the tipping point—the moment when analyzing and applying data […]

Ever watch a movie set in the Old West? You see a landscape filled with open space. There are only a few buildings in town. If there are any signs, they state simple messages like General Store or Saloon. It’s a mostly quiet place. Quiet enough you take notice when tumbleweed rolls by or a […]

For nonprofit organizations, few resources provide more value than volunteers. Many nonprofits would not be able to survive—let alone thrive—without the work of volunteers. But are nonprofits doing their best to recruit and leverage volunteers? Are they providing innovative opportunities and making it easier than ever for people to participate in the face of increasing […]