Facebook has long been a top social destination for nonprofits looking to share updates with their supporters and increase their reach. With 1.55 billion active users around the world, Facebook offers opportunities for not only connecting with current donors and volunteers—but also encouraging them to get their friends and family members on board. Over the past five years, […]

Sprout Social recently published A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits. This excellent resource uses insights from Beth Kanter, charity.water, Kivi Leroux Miller and others to outline eight steps to craft an effective nonprofit social media strategy. If you’re a nonprofit professional involved in marketing and fundraising efforts, we strongly recommend you take a look at this […]

You may have noticed a lot of organizations are redesigning their logos these days. From recent refreshes by StubHub and Pizza Hut to the numerous other big brands that have updated their stamps in the past couple years, it seems like more organizations are tweaking their logos more than ever before. It’s a trend that has […]

For many nonprofits, big donors who contribute big donations each year are essential to operations. This population, while small, has a lot to give and is often willing to give it. But the economic conditions have to be right and the individuals have to feel a strong sense of partnership with the nonprofit. These ideas […]

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released their annual “How America Gives” report, which analyzes IRS data to track charitable giving. The results of this report are always pretty interesting (we’ve covered them here in past posts), but this year it’s the narrative tied to the findings that has caught a lot of people’s attention. The […]