It’s official: The New Year is here. That means there are 12 months in front of you to advance and enhance your marketing efforts. But before you get cracking on your marketing strategy for 2013, why not take a moment and look back on 2012? It’s always valuable to reflect, remember and learn from the […]

Online giving continued to make big strides in 2012. While donating via Web currently only accounts for 10% of the total dollars charities collect, this method of giving is becoming increasingly common. More organizations are using the Internet to reach donors than ever before. And more individuals are choosing to make donations to nonprofits online. […]

The first six words of a recent Nielsen report say it all: “Social Media Is Coming of Age”. What does that mean exactly? It means social media is no longer in its infancy, having grown to be an integral part of our everyday lives. With rapid adoption and expansion over the past decade, social media […]