At last month’s FundRaising Success Virtual Conference & Expo, eleventy group’s own Angie Moore moderated two interesting and informative panel discussions. The first session (which we detailed in this recent eleventy blog post) tackled the topic of nonprofit watchdog groups. The second session, which we’ll discuss here today, took on the more general topic of nonprofit […]

No need to call up your corporate helpdesk, your Google Analytics account isn’t broken. The Internet isn’t down either. What you’re seeing is the most recent change to Google SEO. And if you haven’t noticed it yet, you will soon. Google has made a significant change in the name of consumer privacy that is throwing a […]

These days, the name of the marketing game is personalization. There’s so much out there – so much information, so many products and services, so many great nonprofits – that traditional marketing is no longer enough. Consumers are swamped, their minds moving a mile a minute to keep up with all the flashing screens, social […]

Social media’s rise to prominence and dominance over the past decade has been an astonishing feat to watch. Today, it’s actually hard to remember what the Internet looked like without social media. The two are that closely tied together. Don’t worry, this isn’t another lecture about the importance of social media for your business. You […]

AKRON, OHIO. . .  Data-driven marketing company eleventy announces an innovative giveaway to benefit nonprofit organizations. The giveaway kicks off and begins accepting nominees on Tuesday, April 17. eleventy’s “4Good” Nonprofit Giveaway aims to use the power of social media to help one lucky nonprofit organization do more for good. Supporters are invited to visit […]