There are a lot of businesses and nonprofits out there. So many, in fact, it’s increasingly difficult for consumers to keep track or distinguish them from one another. Therein lies the power of branding. No matter what your product, service or cause, it’s much easier to draw attention to it when people are familiar with […]

The next evolution in the Google AdWords platform is upon us: Enhanced Campaigns. For those of you who have forgotten—or have selectively chosen to forget—all Google AdWords campaigns will be upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns on July 22. Today, we’ll review some of the changes you’ll see in Enhanced Campaigns and highlight some bullet points to consider […]

On April 15, many of us learned about the tragedy in Boston through social media. We began seeing reports on Twitter or caught comments from friends on Facebook. As details emerged, the social stratosphere lit up. Stories were shared from the scene, runners let family know they were all right, prayers were sent to the […]

For nonprofit organizations, there’s a great online marketing opportunity you may not know about. It’s sitting there like a present, wrapped up and waiting to be opened. If you look at the tag, you’ll find this gift comes from one of the Web’s biggest names: Google. What is this mysterious bounty? It’s called Google Grants. […]

At eleventy, we provide data-driven marketing services to a variety of organizations—nonprofits, corporations, small businesses, etc. Oftentimes, we create our blog posts based on questions we get from our clients. We think it’s a good indication of what’s on the minds of professionals. In today’s post, we’ll be discussing a topic quite a few clients […]