Online giving continued to make big strides in 2012. While donating via Web currently only accounts for 10% of the total dollars charities collect, this method of giving is becoming increasingly common. More organizations are using the Internet to reach donors than ever before. And more individuals are choosing to make donations to nonprofits online. […]

Accompanied by more hype and hoopla then ever before, there was no avoiding Black Friday this year. It received an expansion, with many stores opening on Thursday (Thanksgiving) night. And the online deals were increasingly promoted and plentiful. Now that the biggest shopping weekend of the year is behind us, we take a look at […]

Numbers! They’re everywhere. But as we’ve learned time and time again, numbers can have great meaning for businesses and nonprofits. They can teach us lessons, point us in the right direction, and even lead us down a path to more relevant and personal marketing. Every digit has a purpose when you look at it in […]

This week marks the end of the election fever that’s been sweeping the nation for months. Other than the TV analysts who seemed to be having the time of their lives pouring over polls and predictions, most Americans won’t be too sad to see it go. For months, people have been barraged across all media […]

With data talk dominating the business landscape, a new report sheds some light on leadership perspectives of the importance and challenges of data-driven marketing. The report “Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data” provides key insights into how much corporate marketers value and integrate data. It also looks at how they are using digital […]