Think about all the people you are friends with on Facebook. Maybe you have 50 friends. Or 100. Or even 1,000. Now think about how many of those people you would not be connected with were it not for social media. Former co-workers, old friends from middle school, a distant cousin.┬áPeople you don’t call or […]

In today’s multichannel world, there are more ways than ever for customers to interact with brands. This is great news for brands because it means more people are engaging with them. But increased engagement also poses challenges. It means organizations must be prepared to quickly respond to customers across channels. Companies have to nurture customer […]

If you’ve ever sat in front of the TV while surfing the Web on your tablet or smartphone, then you, my friend, are a “multi-screener”. In today’s connected world, engaging with multiple screens at one time is becoming more common. People are using different devices to multi-task and dig deeper. For businesses and organizations, understanding […]

From connecting with more customers and donors to putting your industry expertise on display for the world, the advantages of having an active blog are numerous for any organization. Perhaps the most important benefit of a blog is the positive impact it will have on your organization’s website. By analyzing data from our own blog […]

Big Data. It’s the buzzword of the year. You’ve probably seen countless articles about “The Rise of Big Data” or heard the rallying cry “You need to be equipped to handle big data!” For many organizations and executives, the term Big Data seems intimidating. It conjures thoughts of endless strings of numbers and complex equations. […]