Digital Advertising & Lead Generation

Reach specific audiences with highly targeted messages that deliver real results

By advertising online via popular sites like Google and Facebook, your organization can tap into a huge pool of potential customers/donors and target the ones with the greatest interest in your products or services.

eleventy’s Digital and Social Media Advertising Services provide you a return on investment (ROI) you can measure and results you can see.

Why choose eleventy to manage your online advertising?

Simple—we know how to make it work. We combine a data-driven approach with advanced tools and expertise, and we focus on providing you measurable results.

Unlike most companies that approach online ads like traditional advertising, we approach digital and social media advertising like a direct response program with an aim to deliver you specific outcomes and ROI.

We use marketing intelligence to create segmentation and creative strategies to achieve your specific goals—whether that’s finding new customers/donors, engaging lapsed audiences, or building brand awareness.

As a top 10% advertiser on Facebook, we have been whitelisted for a myriad of tools and data sets not available to other companies. These resources will make your ads more effective and enhance your results.

Our online advertising services will help you…

  1. Reach Existing Customers

    Connect with people on a different channel who have already shown some level of support, making sure they are hearing your message and providing specific calls to action based on previous behaviors.

  2. Reach New Customers

    Using data and attributes of your existing customers, we will identify individuals who share similar traits, behaviors or interests and target them with specific ads, messages and opportunities.

  3. Build Brand Awareness

    With people spending more and more time online, digital advertising offers an opportunity to make more people aware of your organization, spark word of mouth, and drive interest in the products or services you’re offering.