Creative Curiosity

A creative agency driven by both sides of the brain

Great ideas are nothing without a plan.

eleventy’s designers believe design is the direction an idea takes to become a great product or service. Design is not the paint we slap on at the end of a project to pretty it up, but a strategy – from inception to completion – that works to connect the people you are trying to reach with your product or service.

Yes, we designers at eleventy like to think of ourselves as artists and, yes, we’ll judge you if your company’s logo is designed with Papyrus.

But working with eleventy’s design team is about dismissing egos. We believe in collaboration. You are the expert on your product or service. We are your creative counselors. Our job is to draw upon your knowledge and expertise to market your product or service, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.

Read more about our services below, or, better yet, contact us to start a new partnership.

  1. Ads/Lead Generation

    By advertising online via popular sites like Google and Facebook, your organization can tap into a huge pool of potential customers/donors and target the ones with the greatest interest in your products or services. View Examples

  2. Brand Development

    A brand is more than an image. It is what people experience and expect when interacting with your organization. It's who you are, who your audience is and why they should care about your organization. eleventy works with you to express the uniqueness your brand through logos, taglines and messaging. View Examples

  3. Content and Digital Marketing

    One of the most effective ways to reach people today is by developing and sharing valuable and engaging content. From articles and blog posts to emails and newsletters, we create content to help you connect with your audience, display your expertise and compel your readers to take action.

  4. Merchandise and E-commerce

    Leave a permanent impression. eleventy designs T-shirts, hats and other apparel that help your brand stand out. After designing your wearables, we maximize your sales online through our knowledge of e-commerce platforms and online advertising.

  5. Print Materials

    Print still thrives in today's increasingly digital world. When used as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, brochures, ads, and direct mail are the most effective way to connect your people to your brand and get them to take action. View Examples

  6. Social Media Management

    People expect every business and nonprofit to have a social media presence. We manage your social media pages, posting engaging content that exemplifies your message and connects with your people – while taking the time-consuming burden of social marketing off your shoulders.

  7. User Experience

    As marketers and web designers, we rely on our knowledge and intuition to tell us what our audience wants. Our user experience professionals test those assumptions through a variety of techniques to back up (or reject) our original thoughts to create the best user-centered experience we can.

  8. Web Design and Development

    We create websites, apps and other digital delights that reflect your brand, draw people to your organization and generate a response from your audience.