A Presidential Candidate

eleventy helps the Ben Carson campaign gain 5 million likes and $63 million in donations

Here’s the story of two political newcomers banding together to take the national political scene by storm.

In early 2015, Dr. Ben Carson declared his intent to run for president. Carson – a world-renowned neurosurgeon – had a strong vision for the country’s future, but was a political neophyte. He needed a world-class agency to increase his visibility and deliver his message nationwide. The campaign turned to eleventy marketing group to digitally promote and brand Dr. Carson.

Carson merchandise
Carson ad

More followers

The creative team at eleventy produced all branding around Carson, completely revamping another agency’s efforts from an earlier phase of the campaign. Our materials ranged from logos and stickers to T-shirts and a campaign bus façade. Publications, such as Politico and Bloomberg, applauded Carson’s branding.

Digital dominance

In addition to marketing materials, we took charge of Carson’s online strategies.

Through direct response and grassroots pushes, eleventy helped Carson grow to over 5 million Facebook likes, 1 million Twitter followers and a database of over 3 million email addresses. While other agencies have increased “likes” for companies, eleventy recruited new followers to Carson’s cause and netted money for the campaign while doing it.

We utilized more than 400 different ads on Facebook to get the right message to the right audiences. For these achievements, the agency was recognized in the Wall Street Journal, Mashable.com and NPR.

Ben Carson raised over $63 million from his campaign's inception to end, in large part thanks to eleventy’s exemplary work.