Fully Loaded

Packing sales and growing a brand

eleventy loves entrepreneurs and building new businesses.

Fully Loaded approached us to help establish a strong and engaging brand.

From a logo and packaging to signage and online assets, we paved a path of growth for the young company and producer of tobacco-free nicotine chew.

Our efforts quickly paid off. Just a couple months into website launch, it was clear Fully Loaded was making a dramatic impression in the market.

In e-commerce sales alone, the company continues to grow with 30 percent month-over-month sales increases. Returning and auto-subscribers are growing at 25 percent per month and represent 50 percent of overall sales, and this continues to accelerate monthly.

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Finding Consumers Online

What good is an awesome product if no one knows about it?

Finding the right audience for your product requires expert knowledge of online properties, as well as precision targeting on those channels.

We quickly zeroed in on Instagram as a fertile ground to find Fully Loaded consumers. Our high-quality images, along with strategic keyword targeting, helped us quickly gain followers.

Additionally, we leveraged relationships with "influencers" – individuals who have established creditability within a certain industry or interest, and have amassed many followers. Influencers share Fully Loaded with their fans and help us find new buyers.

Besides Instagram, we also actively seek customers through focused Facebook ads. We encourage our Facebook audience to leave reviews and share this new product with friends.

Finally, on Google we maintain a carefully curated portfolio of keywords to find and create more brand devotees.

Shopify: Stable Sales

We chose Shopify as Fully Loaded's e-commerce platform. With Shopify, we enter an established ecosystem of online retailer resources, including a speedy and dependable website host, an expansive community of users, thousands of plugins, and an array of APIs to customize the Shopify experience.

Shopify's APIs allow us to build web applications, including a custom inventory system and map of brick-and-mortar retailers that carry Fully Loaded.