Throughout the business and marketing worlds, data is dominating the conversation. From collecting data and pulling insights to practical applications and privacy concerns, organizations are exploring all facets of data. It’s an exciting time in the evolution of data marketing. As they did with social media five years ago, businesses are just beginning to unlock […]

We talk frequently on this blog about how more and more companies are collecting and analyzing data to make better financial, operational and marketing decisions. But what about the nonprofit world? How are nonprofit organizations using data to achieve better results? Are they using data at all? Recently, the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) conducted a […]

Big Data. It’s the buzzword of the year. You’ve probably seen countless articles about “The Rise of Big Data” or heard the rallying cry “You need to be equipped to handle big data!” For many organizations and executives, the term Big Data seems intimidating. It conjures thoughts of endless strings of numbers and complex equations. […]