“Today’s marketing needs to be geared toward the customer and not a customer.” If marketing is the journey from company to customer, then data is the pathway. It’s the information you need to reach the customer directly. To speak to their individual wants and needs. To help solve their problems. The adoption of data as […]

This time of year, with Halloween right around the corner, people like to be given the creeps. That’s why we go to horror movies and haunted houses. But there’s one place people should never leave creeped out: your marketing. Unfortunately crossing the creepy line is one of the dangers of using data for marketing personalization. […]

With data talk dominating the business landscape, a new report sheds some light on leadership perspectives of the importance and challenges of data-driven marketing. The report “Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data” provides key insights into how much corporate marketers value and integrate data. It also looks at how they are using digital […]

Data. Data. Data. It is the word of the day. Perhaps no topic is being discussed more than the emergence and importance of data marketing. With the amount of customer data being collected today—commonly referred to as “big data”—few would argue against the great advantages of using data to better market to people. (For more […]

If you’ve ever sat in front of the TV while surfing the Web on your tablet or smartphone, then you, my friend, are a “multi-screener”. In today’s connected world, engaging with multiple screens at one time is becoming more common. People are using different devices to multi-task and dig deeper. For businesses and organizations, understanding […]