When it comes to direct marketing, data is a powerful tool. It can tell you what’s working and what isn’t, and show you trends and benchmarks that can guide your efforts. It can provide you with the insights you need to reach people more effectively—both today and with an eye toward the future. For marketers, […]

There are a lot of businesses and nonprofits out there. So many, in fact, it’s increasingly difficult for consumers to keep track or distinguish them from one another. Therein lies the power of branding. No matter what your product, service or cause, it’s much easier to draw attention to it when people are familiar with […]

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently released their 2012 Response Rate Report. DMA produces this report every year and it contains a ton of valuable direct marketing information for businesses and organizations (you can purchase the full 2012 Response Rate Report here). The report provides “key cost and performance benchmarks to help marketers gauge the […]