Friends are a powerful force in our lives. They encourage, influence and inspire us. We pay attention to their suggestions and take interest in what they’re doing. The power of friendship even motivates the nonprofits we support and how we support them. In today’s post, we’ll look at results from a new Red Cross survey […]

Believe it or not, November is here. That means we’re down to the final two months of the year. For fundraisers, this stretch is crucial. It’s crunch time, when donors open their digital wallets and purses and give more than any other time of year. With an effective final push, nonprofits can finish the year […]

AKRON, OHIO. . .  Data-driven marketing company eleventy announces an innovative giveaway to benefit nonprofit organizations. The giveaway kicks off and begins accepting nominees on Tuesday, April 17. eleventy’s “4Good” Nonprofit Giveaway aims to use the power of social media to help one lucky nonprofit organization do more for good. Supporters are invited to visit […]