October 12, 2016

Quick Tip: Create a Broken Link Report in Google Analytics

Harness the Power of Google Analytics to Improve User Experience

Web sites let you know when you’ve reached an address that does not exist with a 404 error, which is webspeak for “page not found.” Knowing what pages generate this error is quite useful. Over time, content accumulates on your site, then can disappear or move. Meanwhile, your website and the internet overall continue to […]

Is your website mobile-friendly? For the past several years, that question has taken on increasing importance as more people engage with websites via smartphones and tablets. But thanks to a new change from Google that question has become more important than ever. We’ll tell you what Google’s doing differently in today’s post, as well as […]

300 million Google+ users as of October 2013 6.97% growth in Web traffic referrals from Google+ from September 2012 to September 2013 30% of smartphone owners used the Google+ mobile app from April-June 2013, making it the fourth most-used app In last week’s post, we looked a five ways to enhance your marketing strategy in […]

By now, you’ve probably noticed “not provided” turning up more frequently in the keyword results of your website analytics. In an effort to find out where your keywords have gone, you may even have done a Google search—and discovered the culprit was none other than Google itself.  It’s been about a month since Google pulled the rug from […]

Just when you think the social world can’t get any bigger, new stats emerge proving you wrong. Social media keeps on growing and expanding. That massive reach is why social media remains an essential communication venue for any and every organization. Marketing is all about being where the people are; and people are on social […]