Millennials. There’s a lot of focus on this generation these days. You’ve probably seen endless articles discussing how to reach them, why they’re valuable to employers, and ways they differ from other generations. So why all the fuss about this generation? Why are they so desirable? The answer’s simple: They’re next in line. They are […]

A couple posts ago we wrote about the 2013 Millennial Impact Report—which uses survey results to explain how Millennials connect, involve and give to nonprofits. Today, we’re back with more on the report. This time, we’re looking at how Millennials give—and promote giving—to nonprofit organizations. The key thing to remember when it comes to Millennial […]

Last year on this blog, we talked a lot about the 2012 Millennial Impact Report. Created by the Millennial Impact Project, the report provided valuable information based on comprehensive research of Millennials age 20-30 and how they connect, involve and support causes. Now there’s a new edition of the report out. We highly recommend everyone […]