In the nonprofit world, each year brings with it new sets of trends and buzzwords. New practices and technology lead to changes in donor expectations. So how will what we saw last year influence what’s to come for nonprofits this year? In today’s post, we’ll look at five terms nonprofit leaders should be familiar with […]

It’s been another fascinating year. We were entranced by the World Cup, panicked by Ebola, and compelled to dump buckets of ice water on our heads by one of the most surprising and far-reaching fundraising campaigns of all time. Over here on the eleventy marketing blog, some of the top topics that grabbed readers’ attention […]

25% overall growth rate for online monthly giving to nonprofits in 2013. That statistic from the 2014 M+R Benchmarks Study is eye-widening and jaw-dropping. Every nonprofit should be taking note. Why? Because it points to the collision of two of the biggest areas of fundraising growth: monthly giving and online giving. Monthly giving is incredibly important […]

In the old days of mass marketing, organizations would drop their messages down on everyone and hope that it would stick to a few. The key word there is hope. It was an imprecise approach based on reaching the largest possible pool to spark the largest possible response. The problem was, every drop that didn’t […]