Is your website mobile-friendly? For the past several years, that question has taken on increasing importance as more people engage with websites via smartphones and tablets. But thanks to a new change from Google that question has become more important than ever. We’ll tell you what Google’s doing differently in today’s post, as well as […]

Organizational websites—whether business or nonprofit—are generally pretty similar. They typically have the same basic setup (about, services, contact, etc.) and aim to tell people the same things. But there is great variance in quality. Execution is what sets great websites apart. You know a great website when you see it. It grabs you visually, gives […]

For nonprofit organizations, an effective website is essential for success. With all the nonprofits out there these days, potential donors use nonprofit websites as a screening tool. Basically, they visit your site to check you out. Provide a strong site and they’re hooked; offer a disappointing experience and they’ll leave as quick as they can […]