The evolution of online giving continues. For years we’ve been watching the changes and progression of how people give to nonprofits in the digital age. It’s been fascinating to follow—with each year showing subtle shifts in the ways people donate. The strides over the past few years have been consistent and incremental. Online giving continues […]

The numbers are in: While traditional channels still reign supreme, more and more donation dollars are coming from the Web. A new report reveals online giving continues the steady and rapid incline we’ve seen over the past decade. We’ve got the latest crop of online giving stats to share with you in today’s post. We’ll […]

Believe it or not, November is here. That means we’re down to the final two months of the year. For fundraisers, this stretch is crucial. It’s crunch time, when donors open their digital wallets and purses and give more than any other time of year. With an effective final push, nonprofits can finish the year […]

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently revealed some new statistics on the prevalence of online giving in 2013. The overall online fundraising results fall along the same lines as stats from the 2014 M+R Benchmarks Study. But The Chronicle’s findings come with a caveat: The days of surging online giving growth may be behind us. Results of this […]

Digital marketing has changed fundraising. For nonprofits, the Internet is the great equalizer. It’s given every organization, regardless of size or resources, a chance to reach people. Which is probably a big part of the reason there are more nonprofits in existence than ever before. But with the benefits have also come some challenges. Most […]