The social media world is constantly evolving. From to Vine, there are more social sites than ever before in our cultural vocabulary. Different demographics gravitate toward different networks. And how we use them—and how we engage with brands on them—keeps on shifting. Social is definitely a realm where you have to keep up, adapt […]

The social media marketing waters remain as choppy and unpredictable as ever. With more social sites arising (see Snapchat for the latest riser) and Facebook brand engagement numbers fluctuating like a sailboat in a storm, marketers continue to fish their way through the social ocean finding success and failure in equal numbers. This ebb and […]

In the old days (5 or 6 years ago), assembling your social media strategy was simple. Head over to Facebook. Maybe add Twitter and LinkedIn too. Then a long came Pinterest. And Google+. And Instagram. And Snapchat. And on and on and on… Suddenly there are a lot more options. These days, social media strategy […]

In the fast-paced, constantly shifting game of social media marketing, you have to stay on your toes. Social audiences, usage levels and network preferences change and evolve on an accelerated timeline. As do the sites themselves. Facebook continually adds new features and functions. And sites like Pinterest and Snapchat pop up seemingly overnight and suddenly become […]

The social media landscape is constantly evolving. New social networks are popping up all the time and existing networks are regularly adding new features. The way people use the different social sites on an everyday basis continues to change as well. For brands, this definitely makes social media marketing a challenge. You have to stay […]