The social media world is constantly evolving. From to Vine, there are more social sites than ever before in our cultural vocabulary. Different demographics gravitate toward different networks. And how we use them—and how we engage with brands on them—keeps on shifting. Social is definitely a realm where you have to keep up, adapt […]

Twitter is a great marketing tool for nonprofits and businesses. Unlike Facebook, which is designed to connect people who already know each other, Twitter is designed to connect people who share similar interests. For organizations looking to engage people who may be interested in their products or services, Twitter is a great way to build […]

Just when you think the social world can’t get any bigger, new stats emerge proving you wrong. Social media keeps on growing and expanding. That massive reach is why social media remains an essential communication venue for any and every organization. Marketing is all about being where the people are; and people are on social […]

There are 845 million monthly active Facebook users. Those users produce 2.7 billion likes and comments per day. It’s no longer a novel idea for organizations to participate in social media. Nowadays, consumers expect every organization – large or small, nonprofit or for-profit – to at least have Facebook and Twitter pages. That means the […]