August 30, 2016

6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Really Matters to Your Organization

Redefining the role of "digital" to better understand its essential marketing value

“What’s the deal with digital marketing?” No, that’s not the lead-in to a Seinfeld-esque stand-up comedy routine. It’s the question on the minds of many of today’s business and nonprofit leaders who dove into digital and now find themselves somewhat perplexed by the results. Impressions, views, conversations, clicks, follows—they wonder (sometimes silently, sometimes aloud) what […]

Gifts. Swag. Merch. From school kids raising money for athletics to political candidates on the campaign trail to established nonprofit “stores”, selling or giving away items is a common method of fundraising that has proven effective time and time again… When it’s done right anyway. So what does that mean, “to do it right”? We’ll explore the answer to […]

A logo can be a powerful marketing tool. This is especially true when it comes to political marketing—where how a candidate’s name is presented to the public can have big impact on voter awareness and perception. And nowhere in the political world are the marketing and branding stakes higher than they are in presidential campaigns. The […]

You may have noticed a lot of organizations are redesigning their logos these days. From recent refreshes by StubHub and Pizza Hut to the numerous other big brands that have updated their stamps in the past couple years, it seems like more organizations are tweaking their logos more than ever before. It’s a trend that has […]

From Yahoo! to Airbnb, the past couple years have seen a ton of logo redesigns. Is this just a trend where businesses follow one another’s lead like dominoes? Or are more organizations adopting the belief that logo refreshes need to occur with increasing regularity? Whatever the reason, the evidence is undeniable (here’s a recap of […]