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Paid search specialists in Medicare

eleventy helped this insurer gain new customers and maintain market share while improving return on investment.

A venerable insurance company was facing one of the most competitive Medicare marketplaces in the country. The firm sought a marketing partner to help it attract more customers. eleventy marketing group, a paid search specialist in Medicare, was ultimately picked and helped the insurer maintain its top three market share, while decreasing its cost to acquire new customers.

Armed with a consumer database of more than 300 million individuals, we used this data to profile, model, map and create lists for use in digital marketing to actively pursue new members. The use of demographic, psychographic and behavioral data set the path for the insurer to become a competitive leader in a very tight field.

The company cut its costs per conversion by more than $50 by partnering with eleventy and increased conversion rate by 15% year over year.

Inspired by the success seen in the digital channels, eleventy now runs the direct mail, audience management and digital marketing for nearly all of the insurer’s plans.